The 1849 California Gold Rush was the most significant social change America had seen in its brief history. Gold fever spread around the globe as tens of thousands traveled by boat and wagon train to the Sierra foothills. For the first time "instant riches" was seen as possible for anyone who dipped a pan in a riverbed. Many discovered the disappointing reality of "fools gold." Others hit rock bottom leaving with nothing more than desperation in their saddlebags. Some, however, struck gold.

At every port and along every trail the rumors traveled faster than the horses and clippers. Promises were made. Maps and gimmicks were sold. Claims were jumped. Charlatans were around every corner. Misfortunes and mistakes were made.

Nearby, however, were the ones you could trust. The ones everyone knew and relied upon. They outfitted dreamers with everything they needed -- including whiskey and shovels to give the brave risk-takers a shot of courage and some necessary tools. The outfitters also knew what was working and what claims were doing well, and at the same time which ones to avoid.

There are a lot of similarities between 1849 and 2012. The rumors outpace the realities of the social media gold promised in every new app, new tool, and new agency. It helps to have someone to trust – someone who isn't phased by big talk or wild claims. A team that gives you exactly what you need – on time and on-budget.

Welcome to Whiskey & Shovels. Nothing less and nothing more than exactly what you need.

It helps to have a team around you that isn't impressed with big talk. You hear it a lot in social media. Terms and tricks that make you think you need to pay more to get results. They make you feel small and out-of-touch, when in reality you know your audience and product best. What you need is a team that can give it to you straight – here's what you need, here's what we will do, and here's what it will cost.

Time and money is tight these days, and that is why we focus on smart, nimble, fast, and affordable solutions. Consider our history of outfitting dreamers and doers both big and small: